East Wave Capital: $1,300 Daily Adsterra Earning Trick With Direct Link

To begin with, allow me to explain this clickbait headline, which reads, “Adsterra earning trick.” It’s used by a lot of YouTubers to discuss exciting strategies for using our ad network to make significant money. Conversely, some use it to reveal black hat strategies, which are illegal and thus ineffective. Adsterra can attest to the fact that working honestly can yield substantial income, and we oppose any dubious techniques.

Two things you need for ad monetization

Every newbie wants to know what steps they need to take to begin turning a profit. You know, there will be a way to start earning enormous sums of money quickly. However, you can simplify your work. This is what I can suggest.

1. Don’t focus on website traffic only

I believe a catastrophic mistake is made by many beginners. Without considering their finances, they jump to try out the latest earning method they’ve read about. Sometimes, you may use the resources you already have and don’t need to start from scratch. For me, these strengths included my ability to control social media traffic. I manage finance-related blogs on Facebook and Twitter. These days, they serve as my primary sources of income. I’ll explain how a little later.

2. Try eCPM

While it’s understandable that everyone is searching for well-known CPM advertising networks, I also advise you to check out those networks using eCPM. By this, what do I mean? When users buy something from advertisements or click on adverts, you will receive a greater payment. When compared to impressions, the cost of these actions is higher.

With one of the greatest eCPM rates available, Adsterra recently gave me $2,000 in monthly income. You should be aware that eCPM is dependent upon user behavior. Like CPM, it could fluctuate greatly. You make $800 one day, $4 the next, and $1,000 the day after that.

Social traffic and ad monetization

As I mentioned earlier, social traffic. I write about financial subjects on my two Facebook and Twitter sites. I conducted a study on keywords to identify less competitive phrases, as large bloggers would devour all traffic if you start from scratch and aim for highly competitive keywords.

Every day, I publish something. First, I look at what’s popular right now in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia—my primary geographic areas. Why are these nations? The best-paid traffic is found in these so-called Tier-1 countries. This indicates that your CPMs and eCPMs are often among the highest if you send this traffic.

Utilize Twitter Advanced Search is a wonderful idea. It will be quite beneficial for your trend study.

This is how I structure my blog posts: a catchy headline followed by a succinct introduction to pique readers’ curiosity. In none of my posts do I relate the tale. I guarantee a stir, a controversy, or maybe some startling revelation. Why? to elicit clicks from consumers. And when they do, they end up on an intermediate webpage with Direct Links that I put there! Here’s how I make money with Adsterra in three easy steps.

Adsterra earning trick with Direct Link

In short, you will require the following:

A news article that receives a lot of clicks, and one webpage that directs all of the readers to your news. You will provide all of the news and popular stories that you said you would feature on your social media blog here.

Lastly, in order to get people to click, this page needs to have an Adsterra Direct Link and a really attention-grabbing headline or image.
If you create a blank page, it won’t work. Consider how to entice readers with engaging material. It’s not as hard as it sounds.

Let me now explain how to obtain Direct Links. They are merely straightforward links that you can add to text or image content. Adsterra

1. Create a Publisher’s account. You will have to enter and confirm your email. So don’t forget about it.
2. Here is the Publisher’s account. You need to click the Direct Links on the vertical menu. Then click the CREATE DIRECT LINK button.

3. Set your Link’s parameters. I recommend you not to exclude any ad types because a variety of advertisements guarantee you a higher income.

4. Click ADD and wait till your new ad code appears on the Direct Links page. Its status must be Active. Now Copy and place this code anywhere where users will be able to click it.

My recommendations

In the end, I want to say you should work hard to see your first earnings start flowing. Keep going and learn as much as possible about your niche’s viral social posts.

Don’t forget about mobile traffic. More and more people prefer shopping and gaming from their mobiles, and you can earn a lot on this trend.

There were days when I couldn’t understand how this or that Adsterra setting worked. My manager always helped me. Remember, you’re not alone!

There’s almost nothing to add to this inspiring story. We’re thankful to Kishwar Shahzad for being genuine about the complexity of moneymaking and the excellent prospects for growing passive income. We have only one thing left—invite you to join Adsterra and try profitable ad formats!

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